Alyssa Braddy
3 min readFeb 1, 2021

Aerie: A brand that actively listens on social media

Social media is an important aspect of business in today’s world. By listening on social media, those running a business can get an idea of what their customers want, what may be a current issue, and what competitors are doing. One brand that has done a great job of listening and using demographics on social media is Aerie. Aerie is a women’s retail clothing store specializing in intimates, swim, loungewear and more.

On all social platforms, Aerie is quick to respond to customer complaints. For example, on Twitter a customer says they received a sweater with a hole in it, mentioning that they called customer service but they told her to wait until her store reopened. The customer also mentioned she would just shop elsewhere now. Aerie’s Twitter saw this and replied to the tweet saying they would make things right.

On Facebook, a customer commented on a post about a sale with a link to the shop that everything is always out of stock. They were clearly annoyed and upset and Aerie replied apologizing and asking if they could send them a message so they could connect them to someone from corporate customer relations. This once again shows how Aerie is willing to listen and help customers with current problems.

Aerie also uses listening to see what their customers want. One item that became very popular due to a TikTok video is Aerie’s Real Me Crossover Leggings. The leggings quickly sold out, and everyone fled to Aerie’s Instagram to ask them when there would be a restock. Aerie saw the TikTok and many comments about a restock and the brand decided to add more restocks for the leggings. This shows how brands can use listening to find out what customers want and make accommodations accordingly.

Aerie also noted how the girl who posted the Tiktok had such a strong influence on the customers and leggings. They noted this and offered her a brand ambassador position. This is another great move, as it will help drive sales and get people interested in their product. This also takes demographics into consideration, as many customers are young women who likely use TikTok and social media to find products and trends.

Aerie also uses demographics to help strengthen their brand. Aerie’s main target demographic is women, ranging in all ages, sizes and backgrounds. Part of their brand identity is being inclusive and real, as they don’t photoshop the models in their ads. They continue to create a welcoming environment and draw in all types of girls and women by promoting body positivity and using models of all different body types.

Their body positive posts help to attract customers who value authenticity and inclusivity in brands. It also helps strengthen their brand identity as a positive and accepting brand.