Alyssa Braddy
3 min readMar 15, 2021


Products that took over Tiktok

By: Alyssa Braddy

It’s no secret that Tiktok has taken over the lives of many, as we scroll through the platform’s videos for hours; but Tiktok isn’t just taking our time anymore, it’s taking our money.

Tiktok’s popularity and power has introduced us to a variety of new products, resulting in us going out of our way to find and purchase them. These products range from beauty items, clothes, toys, home decor, tools and more. Since there’s been so many “Tiktok famous products”, I have compiled a list of some of the most notable ones.

Aerie Crossover Leggings

If you were on Tiktok in Nov. 2020, you definitely have heard of the famous crossover leggings. Though the leggings had been around for a while, they didn’t gain popularity or fly off the shelves until @hannahschlenker posted a video of herself wearing them.

In the comments, Hannah said “Y’all these leggings are a lifesaver. They make your waist look 10,000 times smaller. Promise my waist doesn’t look like that without the lines facing in.”

Shortly after the Tiktok was posted, Aerie stores began selling out of the crossover leggings. They became so in-demand that Aerie even took them out of promotions and made them a full-price online exclusive item for a few months.


Squishmallows, a super soft plush toy by the brand Kelly Toys also gained popularity thanks to TikTok. What was originally a toy geared towards children became a hit among teenagers and young adults, who began collecting Squishmallows and sharing their finds on the app. Ever since they blew up on the app, most shelves in stores that carry Squishmallows have been cleared within a day or two after restocking.

The Ordinary Peeling Solution

As if skincare wasn’t already rapidly gaining popularity, videos of a red peeling solution started surfacing on TikTok, making many interested in trying out this hyped-up skincare product. User @kaelynnwhitee shared a video showing before and after images of her skin on the left, with a video of her using The Ordinary AHA + BHA Peeling solution on the left. Her video is said to have spurred 52,000 to be sold on the website.


Another random item that blew up is a wireless bluetooth microphone. Many TikTokers would drive around and use this microphone to sing or say things to random people on the street. It provided lots of laughs and some entertainment during the dark times of the pandemic. Tiny mics that could connect to phones become popular too, as people would “interview” their pets with them.

Martinelli’s Apple Juice

This last product on my list is one I kept seeing pop up on my “for you page”. Though it had a short-lived moment in the spotlight, I will never forget Martinelli’s Apple Juice. This juice gained interest after tons of people posted videos saying that you can bite into the apple-shaped bottle and it sounds like a real apple. They would then bite the bottle, and it truly sounded just like a real apple. This made people want to go out and see and try it for themselves. Thus, the videos kept coming and the apple juice kept selling.