Wit Cafe

Alyssa Braddy
2 min readNov 6, 2020

Wit Cafe is a small cafe and bubble tea shop located outside of Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. The cafe opened up just over a year ago in August 2019.

Wit Cafe is a family-owned business. The Nguyen family received the business after previous owners decided to sell the bubble tea and cafe portion of their restaurant.

When they inherited Wit Cafe, the Nguyen family received the boba or bubble tea aspects, as well as the other traditional cafe items. Since then, the family’s goal was to revamp and add on to the pre-existing menu.

Since inheriting the business from their friends, the Nguyen family has grown their menu. They have added new bubble tea flavors, including seasonal and permanent specials. They also have a wide range of food, including soups during cold weather months, paninis, breakfast sandwiches, pastries etc.

Though they are known for boba or bubble tea, Wit Cafe still has coffee, frappes and smoothies, keeping traditional cafe roots alive while still adding on to the new bubble tea component.

Even with COVID-19, onsite manager and social media manager Robby says that they haven’t had to make many changes. Since most of their items are already take-out or pick-up style items, the only changes they have had to make is to increase social media presence and add new specials and drinks to appeal to customers.

Though there are many boba destinations in St. Louis, there are hardly any on the east side of the Mississippi. Even with being the only boba place in the metro-east, Robby says that Wit Cafe is still a strong competitor to the well-known boba shops and chains in the St. Louis area. Wit Cafe has a greater variety of bubble tea flavors, as well as unique boba creations.

So, if you’re looking for a great place for bubble tea or coffee in southern Illinois and don’t want to make the long drive over to St. Louis, be sure to check out Wit Cafe.